Wardrobe-Induced Depression

cropped-IMG_1210.jpgIt’s real. It may not be in the DSM-5, but it is real, along with Wardrobe-Induced Euphoria. What sets these two apart is one thing…body fat.

The former occurs when the seasons change and it’s time to squeeze into skimpier clothes that you can’t hide with a long cardigan. You then resort to wearing capri pants all summer and your husband’s super hero t-shirts, or that In and Out Burger t-shirt from your most recent trip to the West Coast. Oh so delicious. So fresh and yummy and…where were we?

The latter occurs when you have worked hard at avoiding all delicious foods and replaced them with grass and water. You go shopping for a dress and you excitedly find that every single one you try on looks good! You then feel like you should reward yourself with a grande no foam breve latte with an extra shot but then you realize you’ll will not be able to eat the rest of the day if you do.

I have experienced both and am currently taking a ride on the happy fat train. And I have an attitude now. You can’t tell me what I CAN or CAN NOT eat or drink! Life is short! You only live once! Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Let me eat cake!

I will find my way back to that clean eating track, but for now, I will just enjoy my capri pants.

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