Tacos and Salsa and Beers, Oh My!


Ok, Strawberrita’s are not really beers. But like a beer, they are in a can and areĀ just as easy to chug when you’re thirsty.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! What a great excuse to eat chips and guacĀ and drink in the middle of the week like you’re on vacation. Actually, lately I can find any excuse to drink in the middle of the week, like Taco Tuesday or Over the Hump Wednesday or Almost Friday Thursday or I Finally Got My Driveway Fixed Day. All quite legitimate reasons to partake. Right? No, I do not have a problem. Sheesh.

I have the pork taco meat stewing in the crock. The avocado’s are ripening to perfection in the brown paper bag on the counter. The ice maker is off duty after filling the reservoir to the brim. Now if only I can figure out a way to tire out the kids so they crash after dinner, get their PJs on without asking and fall asleep in their own beds.

Who am I kidding? Since I start work at 5:30 AM, Happy Hour really should start at 2:30 PM, therefore the one crashing after dinner with all the kids in my bed will most likely be….

No! I do not have a problem. Sheesh!

One thought on “Tacos and Salsa and Beers, Oh My!

  1. Thanks for your positive thoughts! I truly enjoy reading things like this. Makes me think about how fortunate I am to be blessed with a positive thought process. Good luck to you in life.

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