Puttin’ a band-aid on it, but really it’s a spray tan or maybe a face-lift…?

My dream, hopefully one that comes true, is to put an addition on my house. Therefore when it’s imperative to do something about an ugly, crumbling, out-dated bathroom, the answer, without breaking the bank, is minor plastic surgery done by a not-so-professional doc, moi!

No we didn’t bathe in this. I just didn’t take pictures before I started demo.The reason for the remodel. Damn you old 1940 faucet that couldn’t take the heat! Actually the cold water spigot was the problem.

Some tile board from Menards, vinyl tile from Lowes, gobs of saw dust and adhesive, a crap ton of elbow grease and caulk, lots and lots of caulk.


check out that soap dispenser a little pop of color in the cabinet for yaDid I mention tub paint? Lost some brain cells that day. Please always use a respirator. Safety first, or as an after thought in my case.

Ok, some finishing touches are still needed. But the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the pièce de résistance…

Thank you Shark Tank and Illumibowl!

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