Concrete dreams

If you’ve had a child, you can probably say that the first moment you laid eyes on her, you never knew love like that could be possible. This was a close second, when we had our concrete driveway redone.

Now, you have to imagine taking a mirror and dropping it. That is what my driveway looked like for over 10 years. No matter what I did to improve the rest of the house, inside or out, that damn driveway smacked me into reality every chance it could.

You’re done! You’re gone! You nasty, cracked and dangerously uneven pile of crushed stone. I arranged it’s demise after carefully negotiating a payment plan with the most jolly concrete guy I’ve ever met. Concrete doesn’t come cheap people!

cropped-IMG_1204.jpgSo now I have the smoothest, prettiest, levelest (not a word, I know) slab of fiber-meshed cement in the land.  I will never be happier than this moment.

Oh Fixer Upper’s on…