getting real, really


I started this as a kind of outlet for my thoughts, but I was really overthinking each post, I think. I definitely want to be funny in case someone happens upon this, but trying hard to be clever is not what I wanted this type of writing to be, spontaneous and authentic.

I’m not writing a novel.

I want to write about what happened that day or possibly tell of my DIY home improvement projects, because I have many. I want to talk about my kids and their craziness or loveliness. I want to share my weight loss battles and successes. I want to rave about my cooking as I am quite a good cook (not the kind to go on a reality show contest though.)

I will try my best to be witty and entertaining. I will try my hardest to share real thoughts about what’s happening in this crazed life I call my life. I will be me and I hope that is┬áplenty.


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